Industry’s contribution to the new Commission’s political objectives was highlighted in President von der Leyen’s Political Guidelines presented to the European Parliament in July 2019, in which an industrial strategy is proposed as part of and support to the European Green Deal. The European technology industries, and in particular our pumps, compressors and taps and valves sectors, have for a long time considered the enhancement of their global competitiveness within the framework of societal and environmental challenges, notably by contributing to the preparation of energy efficiency and circular economy regulations. In parallel, digitalisation has provided increased opportunities and brought new challenges, including regulatory debates (share of industrial data, Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity, etc). These developments, amidst a fierce international competition where public authorities and private sector more and more work together to design and deploy strategies that promote national value chains, require an overarching EU positioning.


In light of the new EU legislative cycle, CEIR, EUROPUMP and PNEUROP have agreed to gather in Brussels and organise a Joint Conference to address all these aspects. The Conference will be held on 23 June, just over six months after the start of the new Commission mandate, to discuss its new initiatives. It will consist of a institutional and policy common session and three technical parallel sessions addressing topics of relevance for our three associations and the industry sectors they represent.


This Joint Conference takes place as part of CEIR’s Annual Meeting, Europump’s Annual Meeting and Pneurop’s Plenary Meeting.

For Europump and Pneurop delegates who can only attend the Joint Conference and not the entire programme of each respective association, a special rate of €480 incl. VAT is proposed, including the walking lunch, the Conference and the Gala Dinner.

Please contact your respective secretariat ( OR for more information.

Due to the Covid-19 situation in Europe, CEIR, Europump and Pneurop

have decided to postpone this event

to 24 – 26 May 2021.


More information will be available soon.